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One Handed Cooks is a baby and toddler food blog that inspires people to cook beautifully simple, healthy food for their baby, toddler and primary school aged children. The recipes are all quick and easy to make, leaving you one free hand to wipe a nose, give a cuddle, or feed a hungry child. Each nutritious recipe has been lovingly gummed, chewed, picked up, smushed and devoured by our own children and their little friends.

The recipes we create do not require any tricky ingredients or techniques, you will not have to rush out and buy expensive jars of something-or-other that in the end you only required a pinch of. In most cases there will be a substitute, or a variation for you to mix ‘n’ match and put your own spin on. You may at times be introduced to some wonderful new types of food, healthier options that we encourage you to try with your own family.

We welcome all your feedback, comments and recipe ideas. So please join the many social communities of one handed cooks to keep up to date with the latest recipes and share your own ideas with others.

We have referred to “Harry” and “George” throughout this site for ease of use. This is simply because we have beautiful boy’s of our own who have tested and loved each and every recipe you will find here. We can only hope your children love them just as much. 

Allie Gaunt – One Handed Cooks Creator 

 If I had to sum up myself in three roles, I am a devoted mama, a writer and a cook. Two years ago I left my career as an advertising copywriter to raise my beautiful son Harry, and have never looked back. Having also spent many years as a nanny, I saw various families feed their children in different ways. The difference between the children who ate a range of healthy foods compared to those who didn’t was very obvious in all aspects of behavior, sleeping and development. I promised myself there and then I would invest time in cooking food and food knowledge when I had my own children. So when my precious Harry started solids I found myself spending a serious amount of time in the kitchen. Testing flavours and consistencies became my new life and I invented new recipe ideas that Harry absolutely loved, and other mums wanted to try. I started this blog, and shared each and every recipe, with the goal to inspire others to get back to basics and cook beautifully simple, nutritious food for their children.

Jessica Beaton – Accredited Practising Dietitian

I always wanted to work in health. With a passion for sport, physical activity, cooking and enjoying good food it seemed like a natural path to follow. Since completing my university degree in Nutrition and Dietetics I’ve been working as a clinical dietitian for over 7 years and I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

As a new mum to my gorgeous boy George I’m amazed at how fast bubs grow and how quickly they learn.  Now as we begin the exciting (and delightfully messy) journey of starting solids I am applying what I know now, plus learning some new things along the way, to help provide him with all his nutritious needs and encourage healthy eating behaviours from the start.

Seeing the delicious and nutritious recipes Allie has been creating for her Harry and the inspiration that it has provided for other families has been wonderful.  I hope to share with you some more healthy recipes and helpful nutrition tips to further inspire good health in your children and in yourselves.

Sarah Buckle – One Handed Cooks Photographer

 Perhaps you may know me better as the fancy-baking-sister? I am a primary school teacher, with a passion for baking sweet treats and taking pretty pictures. Being the photographer for One Handed Cooks combines everything I love, so food styling and taking photos of glorious gooey, bite sized bits of baby and toddler food is a pretty sweet deal.

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