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Merry Christmas! It’s been a fun 2018 and we would love to thank you for all of your continued support and love of One Handed Cooks. It’s been a very happy one for us with the continued success of our bestselling self-titled cookbook, One Handed Cooks, and the very exciting pre-sale launch of our second cookbook, Boosting Your Basics.

To celebrate we are once again offering our little Christmas eBook to you for FREE. As always, we’ve added a couple of ALL NEW recipes – our Christmas Apple Sandwiches and Strawberry Swirl Icy ‘North’ Poles – to bring festive fun to meal and snack times. Plus we’ve partnered with some fabulous brands – Uberkate, Stuck on You, Allergy Train and Sinchies – to offer you some fabulous discounts on some of their favourite products to help you with your Christmas shopping.

If you’re already a subscriber or just want the eBook download it here.


If you like it you’ll love all our eBooks - Baby FoodieFinger FoodieFamily Foodie and Thermomix Sweet and Savoury. Or if you fancy something you can touch and feel you must grab a copy of our cookbooks, One Handed Cooks – raising a good eater from baby to school age and Boosting Your Basics. Enjoy.

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Many of us have some amazing memories when it comes to the lead up to Christmas, and some of those memories involve all the fun Christmas themed food we used to eat. While there are plenty of sugary treats to go around, its nice to have a balance. We have come up with some healthy ‘every day’ festive ideas to put into the mix. While it’s good to try some healthy alternatives this Christmas it’s important to remember that eating, enjoying and sharing party food with friends during the holiday season is all part of normal eating, even for children. The key is balance, variety and moderation.

Merry Christmas to all of our fans. Thank you for your support and inspiration. We wish you and your families a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Allie, Jess and Sarah x

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